6.7 2017
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The magic of MP’s HOT Oil Pump

Tescor specializes in providing engineering, design and manufacturing capabilities to companies working in the area of climatic control and climatic testing of various products.

In one of their more recent projects they had a need for (4) Oil pumps that would be working at high temperatures above 400 degrees F. The HTO was a perfect fit for this application.

MP Pumps HTO120 is a patented, unique centrifugal pump designed for high temperature applications, such as the plastics, chemical, food and processing industries. The pump can be used in horizontal or vertical positions and is available with or without an electric motor.  It is designed to greatly reduce the temperature at the seal by utilizing ambient air temperature which greatly increases seal life.

This pump works with fluid temperatures up to 600 degrees F.

For more information on how the HTO pump can help you in one of your applications, give us a call.

3.17 2020
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RBA and COVID-19

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