6.7 2017
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Alternatives to the Submersible pump for challenging Industrial Applications

High temperature waste water, PH levels that vary greatly, noxious odors. These are some of the challenges faced when working with industrial waste water.

Recently at Merck we had faced these challenges when trying to come up with a solution for a rinse down area in one of their lab environments.

The rinse/waste water could be in excess of 180 degrees F and extremely aggressive in nature. Although there are submersibles that could have handled the temperatures, none could have handled the high ph swings.

Enter one of the top solutions for industrial waste, the DIP System. Direct In-Line Pumping System. All effluent goes directly into the pump with no wet well. No floats required and the unit is SS construction with seals designed to work with the applicable fluid properties.

File photo of the actual Merck DIP System in final assembly

For a closer look and more information on the DIP System click here or call our office for additional information.

6.18 2019

Exciting New In-Line and End Suction Pump Series are Coming Soon from Pentair!

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